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American Television shows have become a major part of our social lives. For certain people these series have replaced movies, in terms of topics of conversation, water cooler talks and party chit chats. Above all, they have integrated into everyday life. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, american tv series have taken the intellect to a high level. Watch “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Wire”, “The West Wing” or “Mad Men” and you are plunged into a world unknown and must make a huge effort to decipher situations and grasp the intricacies of story lines. One other element is that American television producers have heavily invested in screenwriting, making sure writers create works of art within the context of a fictionalized, slightly exaggerated version of American culture. 

Television has never been better. Who wants to spend two hours in a movie theatre watching remakes and sequels, when you can get all the drama, plot, smart dialogue and multi-layered characterisation you can devour from the comfort of your own sofa?

Yes, mainly, but not exclusively, thanks to American cable channels, TV dramas have definitely upped their game. Box set domination and office social chatters are now the key to making an actor a household name. I mean, had you heard of John Hamm before Mad Men? James Gandolfini before The Sopranos? Or even Michael K Williams (Omar) before The Wire? No, of course not. Do you care what happens to their TV alter egos? I do, passionately. Passionately enough to stay in for them, and that’s not something I say very often.

 Subtitled or dubbed into different languages and distributed across major tv networks all over the world, American television shows have become a universal force uniting TV fanatics from every continent on chatrooms, forums and social media platforms to discuss, argue and share their passion for television. The bottom line is that American television series are without question the most dominant and influential; from sitcoms to dramas to reality shows, the bar is set high worldwide and because TV executives are aware of this, they keep on investing in delivering a high quality product, making sure that the medium remains unrivaled.

Your thoughts on America’s TV dominance? Ever see anyone dethroning them down the road?

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