gallery Letter to America! #GunControlNow










Dear America.

Your “right to bear arms” is what has BORNE today’s heartbreaking atrocity.

Enough, really IS enough.

Your “land of the free” isn’t free, all the time your babies are at risk from idiots who can freely buy guns, rifles, automatic weapons and explosives from High street stores and corner shops; and it isn’t the “home of the brave” all the time your laws are too weak and ineffective to deter incidents like this from happening time and time again……….


Thus far, America’s response is to proliferate Social Networking sites with sanctimonious, pious, saccharine coated nonsense; images/drawings of little angels being greeted by the outstretched arms of Jesus, or children, holding hands and climbing the staircase to heaven; or nauseating fabricated ‘letters’, declarations of love to her PARENTS, allegedly hastily scribbled by some poor child just before she was shot down.

Even WORSE, the puerile chorus of “Gun laws won’t bring those kids back” or the ever popular “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people”.

Perhaps a snapshot of America’s apathy can be gauged by the big response from Justin Bieber fans, who took to Twitter to protest that a TV programme featuring their idol was being threatened with cancellation because of ‘Breaking News’ bulletins covering the massacre!

Yes, America, people DO kill people. But it’s people with GUNS that kill MORE people more of the time.

And if your Guardians were to spend a fraction of the time and energy addressing the terrorists that move amongst you that they do fighting the apparent “War on Terror”, then perhaps a few more children would be around to light up the faces of their families this Christmas.

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