gallery Book Review: Presentation Zen

So for my Social Media class, I had to do a review for a book selected from a list that my instructor had given. On the list was a book by Garr Reynolds called Presentation Zen and that’s the book that appealed to me the most, simply because presenting is a skill that I’d like to perfect and possibly master. I’ve always been the type that speaks in front of people, so why not polish it.

Here’s my review:


Presentation Zen


Garr Reynolds

Presentation Zen is a book by Garr Reynolds for all those who wish to discover new ways to improve their oral presentations and for public speakers to be much more effective in their delivery. The book does not introduce new methods but outlines a different approach to verbal and visual communications. The book is simple but deep at the same time, and its Zen-like approach is predicated on 3 elements: restraint, simplicity and naturalness. Restraint in preparation, Simplicity in design and Naturalness in delivery, which would lead to greater clarity for audiences.

This book opens a new vision to presentation platforms (powerpoint or keynote) and advises speakers not to be caught up in creating complex presentations. The author illustrates theoretical steps taken while preparing a presentation, then suggests new tricks to creating better slides from an aesthetics standpoint.

Garr Reynolds provides the perfect little presentation manual and although the subject may seem narrow, and it is, this book is absolutely essential for anyone looking to make presentations frequently or occasionally, as it will avoid the many pitfalls that come from 99% of presentations .
As the author says, most presentations are so poor that the application of a few new tips and principles can make it stand out, and by applying a small portion of methods, tips and tricks offered by this book, you are sure to do better than average.

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