gallery 3 Reasons to watch SKYFALL – 7/10

Impossible to escape the worldwide release of the new James Bond and here are 3 reasons why you should see it: Javier Bardem, The Opening Scene and The Gadget(s)

1. The Villain. Played by Spanish actor Javier Bardem, Silva,  will remain as one of the most exciting villains in the history of Bond. A manipulative killer, he is torn between his sexual ambiguity and Oedipal delusion. Cruel and funny, fascinating and repulsive, just as Anton Silva, the psychopath “No Country for Old Men,” he gives one of his best roles since the Coen Brothers flick.

2. The Opening chase scene. It has become a tradition that James Bond must kick off his missions with an epic chase, and this one is no different. Here, 007, launched a pursuit of Patrice, an elusive killer initially in a track car, then hops on a motorbike zigzaging through the narrow streets of Istanbul and this ends up on a train wagon where an intense fist fight takes place between Bond and Patrice. A classic and must-see memorable scene!.
3. Gadgets. It is interesting to see what Bond does with virtually no gadgets in this movie. He reverts to doing things the old way and although the new Q, Bond’s master gunsmith, is a young pimply computer genius, old gadgets continue to occupy a major spot in Bond’s artillery. The famous Aston Martin, riddled with over-equipped weapons and a discreet radio transmitter, allow the MI6 agent to do something new with the old.

Overall decent movie, but not worth all the hype it is receiving commercially! Casino Royale is still Daniel Craig’s best film so far.

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